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Top Reasons Commercial Truckers Should Have a Dashcam

The world of commercial trucking runs on one thing – relentless movement. Whether heavy-duty machinery needs transportation to a faraway distance or bundles of newly manufactured clothes need to get delivered to warehouses, businesses will always need commercial trucks to facilitate these product movements.

While commercial trucks are great for smooth movements, they constantly face a common threat, loss due to road accidents. Regardless of the driver’s skill level, the chances of road accidents cannot be overlooked. This is why commercial trucking service providers cover their drivers under relevant commercial trucking insurance.

The insurance covers potential financial damage, saving commercial trucking companies from massive losses and liabilities. To know more about the top reasons commercial truckers should have a dashcam, keep reading.

Why are Dashcams Important for Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Since insurance companies demand proof to support insurance claims during accidents, commercial trucking businesses have started relying on dashcams. This simple device has made protecting your trucking business easier than before. Not only that but also it can save you from financial damages in the future.

Whether you cover your commercial vehicles under semi-truck insurance or any other insurance, you will need to prove your side to get claim approval from insurers during accidents or other unfortunate events. Fortunately, something as simple as installing dashcams can save your business from massive financial damage.

They can also be used during routine checkpoints and weigh stations or when the police conduct routine stops, ensuring you or your drivers are properly treated and comply with officials.

All commercial truckers invest in dashcam insurance protection because of the following benefits:

Accident Documentation

Road accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, regardless of your truck driver’s driving expertise. The video footage recorded in your dashcam can be vital evidence if your commercial truck accidentally collides with another vehicle. Dashcams for truckers are essential because they record events leading up to the accident.

It can help authorities determine who is at fault and exonerate the affected party. Dashcam footage gives visual accident documentation, leading to expedited insurance claims, saving time & money, and reducing disputes.

Improved Driver Training

Everyone in the commercial trucking space knows the importance of being covered under the right insurance. It can save businesses from unjust financial damages and external liabilities but cannot be used as a free pass by commercial truckers to resort to reckless driving. Further, they can make drivers more aware and safer drivers.

Companies covered under commercial trucking insurance also install dashcams to check the driver’s behavior. The recorded footage is used for training new drivers and helping existing drivers improve by identifying areas of improvement. A properly trained driver will naturally reduce the risk of road accidents.

Prevent Fraudulent Claims

Having commercial insurance for semi-trucks isn’t enough to secure your trucking business. You must have a mechanism in place to secure yourself from fraudulent claims. Fraudulent claims are no big surprise within the commercial trucking industry: therefore, having video footage will prevent anyone from making a fraudulent claim.

Dashcam footage provides enough visual evidence to save a commercial trucker from staged accidents. Commercial truckers have started using dashcams for truckers as a powerful tool to debunk false insurance claims, ultimately protecting the reputation of the concerned trucker.

Security & Theft Deterrence

Commercial trucking companies don’t only face threats of potential loss due to road accidents, theft is another alarming reason. Since commercial trucks are loaded with valuable cargo, they easily become the prime target of staged accidents, theft, and security breaches, leaving insurance companies paying the bill and raising your rates.

Dashcams can deter thieves from stealing as they know their act is being recorded. Even if theft occurs, the company can use the recorded footage to catch the culprit and recover damages, which may not be solely possible because of commercial insurance for semi-trucks.

Promote Safe Driving Habits

It is a known fact that people tend to act more responsibly when they know they’re being recorded. It is why commercial trucking businesses have started installing high-end dashcams with wide-angle views to see what is happening outside and inside the truck.

It makes protecting your trucking business easy by ensuring the driver exercises precaution while driving, lowering any risk of accidents.

There are many valid reasons why commercial truckers should have a dashcam but road safety should always be number one. Having dashcams installed in your commercial truck or service fleet can lower your monthly insurance premiums.

Protecting Your Trucking Business by Using Dashcams

Accountability and safety are paramount in the commercial trucking landscape. Since commercial truckers are responsible for carrying a bulk load from the source to the destination, the financial responsibility resting on companies is huge. We Shop 10 is partnered with the top commercial trucking insurance companies.

This is where investing in the best commercial trucking insurance comes into the picture. The only catch with insurance is that you must furnish strong evidence in your support to expedite insurance approval, and it is achievable only through installing dashcams.

Contact our insurance agents for personalized guidance if you’re still wondering. We Shop 10 is the best gateway to finding the right commercial semi-truck insurance for protecting your business. Contact us today and get a free quote.


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